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Dogg Lbs Dogg Treats by Snoop Dogg Delta-9 Gummies 400MG 


Introducing the hottest Delta-9 Gummies. These Dogg Lbs gummies are available in a 20 count pack.


400mg Per Pack
20mg Per Gummy
20 Gummies Per Pack
Contains Less Than 0.3% THC
No Artificial Additives Or Preservatives
Infused With High-Quality Hemp Extracts (Delta-9 THC, CBD)
Potential To Promote Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety, Various Effects


3 Available Flavors:



Experience the perfect blend of cherry and lemon in a compact 20-unit pack. Perfect for those on-the-go or those keen to sample Snoop Dogg’s signature Cherrylemon Fruit Chews. Crafted by Green Star Labs, these chews boast authenticity and premium quality.


Blue Raspberry

A condensed pack of 20 units lets you taste the magic of Blue Raspberry. With Snoop Dogg’s assurance and Green Star Labs’ precision, each chew promises to be an explosion of flavor and relaxation.


Get a quick taste of Snoop Dogg’s Grape Fruit Chews with this 20-unit pack. Produced by the reputable Green Star Labs in San Diego, every chew guarantees a burst of grape flavor infused with the finest hemp extracts.

Dogg Lbs Dogg Treats by Snoop Dogg Delta-9 Gummies 400MG

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